6 Signs Your Nail Salon Near Me
Is Unsafe

Women like to get their toes and nails in shape during the change of season. Consequently, they might think about performing the mani-pedi at home. Fortunately, today the professional manicure and pedicure near me is very affordable. Therefore, they might pop into their local beauty spa or nail salon near me. However, buyer beware. All nail salons are not created equally. Some spas are danger zones filled with dangerous fumes, and unsanitary conditions. Here are a few signs that show a nail salon that should be avoided at all cost.

  1. Unsanitary Conditions – Here is the deal. If the bathroom and the corners of the salon are dirty, odds are the salons standards are low.
  2. Instant Watery Eyes – You walk into the salon and your eyes water because of all the caustic fumes invading your eyes. Exposure to those fumes is a definite health hazard.
  3. Dirty Tools – Professional manicurist store tools around their work station. Take a look at the condition of those tools such as their nail brushes. Unsanitary tools, transfer germs and bacteria to other customers. Make sure that the salon or spa is equipped with the tools to sterilize their manicure and pedicure instruments. Also, make sure that they use clean fresh sponges and nail files. Often, these tools are reused and responsible for transferring germs to the next client. Here is the perfect solution. BYOT or bring your own tools.
  4. Spa Tub – Here is more to keep in mind. Take a critical look at the Jacuzzi in the nail salon. The surprising fact is that the spa tub is a hot bed of germs. This especially applies to the spa tub filter. Think about it for a second. The spa tub filter traps and collects dead skin. That’s another customer’s skin, circulating around in the spa tub. Make sure that the salon uses a pipeless bowl or carefully inspect the bowl for dirt and grime. If you find dirt or grime, decline treatment and find a sanitary salon.
  5. Gross Polish – Many nail salons near me reuse the same nail polish brush/bottle on every client. Consequently, the transfer of germs to a new customer is feasible. Avoid cross contamination by bringing your own fresh new bottle of polish to the salon.
  6. Dirty Hairy – Thinking about going for a bikini wax or a leg wax at the local salon? Well, those areas are very sensitive areas. Make sure that the treatment area is sanitary and covered with fresh sheets of paper. Avoid dirty locations filled with wax. In that scenario, just say no and walk away.

Make sure to provide your clients with the best and to help keep a sterile environment use Disposable Brushes when available.

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Using Disposable Brushes offers your clients a Safe and Sterile Experience.

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