9 Important Facts
About Professional Manicures
And Pedicures Near Me

Most of us think of the local pedicure near me and nail salon as a place to pamper ourselves in luxury and relax for thirty minutes to an hour. The nail salon is glamorous and seduces women with the glitz, polish, sparkle, and glow into their doors. However, danger lurks in quite a few of those nail salons. The surprising fact is that nail salons are hotbeds of germs, filled with unsanitary conditions that might affect your health and well-being. Here are a few tips to keep in mind, on your next visit to the nail salon.

1. Talk Honestly To Your Technician

Don’t just flop down in the chair and let the technician have their way with your nails and toes. Instead, speak up. An open line of communication between the nail technician and customer is vital to receiving the type of service that is desired. Make sure that the technician understands your desires and requirements and ask if they use disposable brushes when using nail polish. For example, sanitary tools and clean conditions. Keeping quiet leads to miscommunication and the chance for catching germs.

2. Request Information About Sanitary Conditions

Don’t hesitate to ask your technician about the sanitary conditions in the salon. Ask about the techniques used to sterilize their instruments. For example, do they use disinfectants or a heated device to sterilize tools and kill germs. If they refuse, get up and leave the salon. A nail salon near me that refuses to discuss their sterilization methods is hiding something.

3. Are They Wearing Gloves

Did you know that the majority of nail technicians do not wear gloves? It’s quite true. A salon that takes time to make sure the technicians wear gloves, rates high on cleanliness. Gloves reduce the transfer of germs.

4. Beware Yucky Floor Conditions

A floor filled with dirt and grime is a bad sign. Always check out the floors before even requesting manicure or pedicure services at the salon.

5. Check Restrooms

Here is the deal. A dirty restroom is a sad reflection on the salon. It’s also a sign that cleanliness is very low on their list.

6. Unsanitary Tools

Are the aestheticians using the same tools on the next customer, without sterilizing? Take the time to watch the aestheticians and check if they are using disposable brushes. Are they simply reusing the tools used on the previous customer or reaching for sterilized tools. Are they sterilizing the tools after each use? Make a note of their actions.  If the tools are in a sterilization pouch, has the pouch been through an autoclave?  Have the indicator dots changed colour?

7. What Chemicals Are They Using In The Salon

Some nail salon fumes are very hazardous to your health and the nail technicians health too. Of course, a certain amount of chemicals are required to buff, shine, and polish the client’s nails. However, some nail salons and spas have a tendency to go overboard. Typical chemicals in nail salons include very toxic substances like Formaldehyde that is an ingredient in nail polish remover and nail polish hardener. Formaldehyde is a known irritant to some people.

8. Painful Conditions

You go to the nail salon to experience a little bit of luxury and pampering. If you are feeling in pain or very uncomfortable, something is amiss. A salon is there to make their customer feel good about the type of services that they are providing to them. If you feel abused, mistreated, or uncomfortable, leave the situation and do not return to the salon.

9. Pedicure Warnings

Here is an important rule to follow before getting your next pedicure or any pedicure. Avoid the razor at all cost before the pedicure. Shaving opens up your skin to risky infections or for bacteria to enter the skin. Never shave just before the pedicure and do not let the technician perform this service either.

Make sure to provide your clients with the best and to help keep a sterile environment use Disposable Brushes when available.

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  • 9 Important Facts About Professional Manicures
  • 9 Important Facts About Professional Manicures
  • 9 Important Facts About Professional Manicures

Using Disposable Brushes offers your clients a Safe and Sterile Experience.

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