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6 Signs Your Nail Salon Near Me
Is Unsafe

Women like to get their toes and nails in shape during the change of season. Consequently, they might think about performing the mani-pedi at home. Fortunately, today the professional manicure and pedicure near me is very affordable. Therefore, they might pop into their local beauty spa or nail salon near me. However, buyer beware. [...]

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9 Important Facts
About Professional Manicures
And Pedicures Near Me

Most of us think of the local pedicure near me and nail salon as a place to pamper ourselves in luxury and relax for thirty minutes to an hour. The nail salon is glamorous and seduces women with the glitz, polish, sparkle, and glow into their doors. However, danger lurks in quite a few [...]

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Nail Salons Cleanliness Check

A visit to the nail salons is the perfect opportunity to get pampered in a pristine environment. It's important to ensure that you walk out with a fresh set of fabulous nails without putting your health at risk. Without proper sanitation practices, there's a chance that you could end up taking home a nasty infection. Busy [...]

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Dangers That Lurk
In a Salons Nail Polish Brush

When the summer starts, many people pull out their bikinis and sandals. They also rush without checking the salons nail polish brush to get a pedicure near me, manicure or waxing. However, nail salons can be a breeding ground for bacteria. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, people can develop numerous viral infections [...]

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