Dangers That Lurk
In a Salons Nail Polish Brush

When the summer starts, many people pull out their bikinis and sandals. They also rush without checking the salons nail polish brush to get a pedicure near me, manicure or waxing. However, nail salons can be a breeding ground for bacteria. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, people can develop numerous viral infections from beauty salons such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV. They are also likely to develop fungal infections and bacterial infections.

A beauty editor went to the salon for a manicure, but she ended up developing an infection. She woke up in the middle of the night and found that her hands were swollen and throbbing. She rushed to the hospital.

She was surprised to find out that she had an infection because she went to a reputable salon. The beauty editor stated that the manicurist slightly nicked her. She also believes that the utensils were not properly cleaned. When she went to the emergency room, she received Novocain. The infection was also lanced and drained.

Manicure tools, waxing applications and pedicure foot baths are common causes of infections. There was a case where 100 people had to go to the emergency room after receiving pedicures at the same salon. They developed bumps on their legs and feet. The bumps later turned into pus-filled boils. The pus ended up spreading to other parts of the body.

This outbreak occurred in September early 2000’s. Information about the breakout showed that all of the subjects had whirlpool baths. Seventy percent of the subjects shaved their legs before getting a pedicure, which increases the risk of an infection.

The patrons went to the salon near me to improve their looks. However, many people end up suffering scarring as the result of the infection. The salon was later closed. The women had to take strong antibiotics for six months. They also experienced nausea, yeast infection and diarrhea.

Getting a pedicure with a pipe whirlpool jet can be a luxury. However, they have the most bacteria. Clippings, skin and hair are just a few of the many things that can be found in the pipes. They can also be found in the drainage screens.

Most people would not ask the nail technician to take the screen out and look behind it. If you were to take out the drain screen in many tubs, then there would be enough to make a wig. In order to reduce your risk of getting an infection when you go to the salon, you will need to go to a licensed salon. You may also want to bring your own tools. Additionally, you may want to choose a salon that uses basins, which can be thrown away after every use.

There are other ways that you can catch an infectious illness. One lady had a bad experience after getting her eyebrows waxed. The attendant used a wax strip that already been used on another person’s body. The wax also ended up getting in her eyes. She went to the eye doctor and found out that she had herpetic keratoconjunctivitis. It is unlikely for a person to contract herpes from the wax, but it is possible.

People who get a bikini wax are even more likely to develop complications. People often get burned because the wax is too hot. They can also develop a bacterial infection called folliculitis. This condition causes yellow, pus-filled bumps to develop around the hair follicles.

You can avoid these problems by exercising common sense when you select a nail salon. Make sure that the technician wears gloves and the room is clean. You should also make sure the professional uses a new applicator stick.

Make sure to provide your clients with the best and to help keep a sterile environment use Disposable Brushes when available.

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  • Dangers That Lurk In Salons
  • Dangers That Lurk In Salons
  • Dangers That Lurk In Salons

Using Disposable Brushes offers your clients a Safe and Sterile Experience.

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