How It Works

How It Works 2017-10-25T05:19:46+00:00

How to Use

It is important to educate and engage your client on your process from start to finish.

If they can see the steps you’re taking, they have a better understanding of your commitment to sterility.

Items required on your tray: 

One Comfort Fit Brush Holder

One Disposable Brush

Disposable Brushes Holder Brush Head

One Disposable Brushes Ceramic Polish Tray

Disposable Brushes Ceramic Nail Polish Dish

Base Coat, Polish Colour of Choice and Top Coat

Cotton Pads


Disposable Brushes Easy Nail Brush Detach
    • Step 1

      Pour your base coat, polish colour and top coat into separate wells in your ceramic polish tray.

    • Step 2

      Snap disposable brush into comfort fit brush holder.

    • Step 3

      Apply polish. Between polish changes, wipe brush with acetone infused cotton pad(s).

    • Step 4

      Using a cotton pad, snap off disposable brush and dispose into trash in front of client.

Disposable Brushes Raving Fans

1 Box

  • 500 Disposable Brushes
  • 5 Reusable Brush Holders
  • Cost per Client Pedicure $0.24

Starter Kit

  • 3000 Disposable Brushes
  • 30 Reusable Brush Holders
  • Cost per Client Pedicure $0.20

Ceramic Dish

  • Holds Your Disposable Brush
  • 4 Nail Polish Colour Wells
  • Easy To Clean