Nail Salon 6 Box Disposable Brushes Package 6-Month Kit



First Time Customer Promotion!
6 Boxes of Disposable Brushes
3000 Disposable Brushes
30 Reusable Brush Holders
6 Boxes of Disposable Brushes Last Most Salons 6 Months to 1 Year
1 Ceramic Tray
Cost per Client Pedicure or Manicure $0.20

Disposable Brushes for nail polish salons are what will keep your clients coming back again and again. They will never again want a pedicure or manicure without a Disposable Brush because of the benefits & safety that they offer. Disposable Brushes are sterile, single use nail polish brushes. They are natural acrylic and expendable after a single use for pedicures. Disposable Brushes will not only wow your customers with your focus on safety & sterility, they will save you money as nail polish used will go in the ceramic dish, so you’re not wasting expensive high end nail polish.

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